smart marketing starts with knowing your contacts

The more you know about your contacts, the smarter you can be with your marketing.


You can see at a glance the changes in the number of contacts at a certain time, and determine whether marketing is effective during this time. Developing more effective solutions by exploring the laws of data changes to achieve a virtuous circle of contact growth.

user tags to record your contacts points

Tags are customizable labels you create for your contacts—like "social media influencer" or "uses coupons”—based on information you know about them. Because they're so flexible, tags let you organize your audience in just about any way you need to, whether that's by tagging lots of contacts at once, adding multiple tags to a single contact, or using them to trigger automated messages.


create your own segment to organize contacts

Segments can be simple or complex (layering up to 5 criteria) so you can create your own based on what's important for you to know—like who subscribed to your emails in the last 30 days or who hasn't bought anything in your store yet. And since segments update automatically, you’ll always know you’re sending to the right people.